Language scholarship program

Knowledge of foreign languages has been appreciated considerably in recent years. One could even say that  foreign language learning has become an investment not only in ourselves but in a better future. The knowledge of languages is not only a scholarship at  foreign university or an internship in a foreign company, but, above all, a better job after graduation.

Unfortunately, knowledge of foreign languages is a weak point of the Bridge Scholarship  holders – research conducted among scholarship holders  showed that only 15.5% of them speak English fluently, while 25% do not know it at all or very poorly. At the same time they all agree that language learning is one of the largest and most important expenses in their budget, and this is not small expense, because the price of a language course can range from 600 to 1600 PLN per semester.

The Program launched in October 2009 is designed primarily to enable all scholarship holders  to improve their  language skills, especially English.

The Program is intended for outstanding Bridge Scholarship  holders. The program includes,  in particular,  scholarship holders preparing for the exams honored in the U.S. and European universities, i.e., TOEFL, FIERST, CAE or IELTS. Scholarship holders  will have an opportunity to study language in  chosen by EEF language schools with branch network all over  Poland – scholarships will be awarded in the form of a grant (language  scholarship) to cover the cost of  an  annual course and final exam. Funds will be transferred to  the account of a school providing a course or an exam.

Qualifying candidates will be on the basis of the submitted by candidates cover letters and academic performance.

The Founder of the Program is the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.

In the past five editions 206 scholarships were awarded.

  • I edition – 30 grants
  • II edition – 45 grants
  • III edition – 44 grants
  • IV edition – 44 grants
  • V edition – 43 grants