„Projector-Student Volunteers” Program

 The idea behind the program is to use the intellectual potential and activity of students in equalizing educational opportunities for children and young people from small towns through the implementation, at leisure time, of educational projects in schools by groups of students-volunteers.

Groups of volunteers numbering from two to five people implement developing knowledge educational projects prepared by themselves, which develop skills and interests of children and adolescents.

Projects are conducted in leisure time during the school year, summer holidays and winter breaks. Projects relate to specific fields of science, subject or selected area of activity: they may be, for example art classes, sport, computer, theater, linguistics, etc.

 The program promotes active attitudes among pupils and students, forming a sense of social responsibility and solidarity, allowing them to simultaneously realize their  passion and interest in the attractive formula.

The program has been implemented since 2004. Nowadays in several hundred schools in Poland several thousand projects involving thousands of pupils are carried out.

Program Implementer: Polish Association of Educators and Animators „Klanza”
Program website: www.projektor.org.pl