Study Abroad

Study Abroad Program is targeted at those Bridge Scholarship Program holders who are interested in going to an international internship within the confines of  the student exchange program Erasmus. Thanks to this program students from small towns will have the opportunity to complete part of their studies at  foreign university. The scholarship awarded under this Program is to facilitate student’s travel, living and studying abroad. The amount of scholarship will depend on the difference between the cost of living (including studying and traveling) during  studies abroad and a scholarship  received  under the  Erasmus program and other sources of financial aid. The amount of monthly payment cannot  exceed  €350, the amount of semester scholarship cannot exceed € 1600.

In the past nine editions of the program a total of 144 scholarships were awarded.

Students were able to spend from 4 to 10 months at universities in Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary and the UK.

The Sponsor of the Program is Polish-American Freedom Foundation.