Scholarships for the second year (Competition PRYMUS)

The competition for the highest first year of college GPA „PRYMUS”

The sponsor of grants within the confines of the Contest is Polish-American Freedom Foundation

Academic Scholarship for the second year of studies is a form of support for the Bridge Scholarship holders  (students under the program during the first year of studies). Scholarships are awarded within the confines of the competition “Prymus” announced every spring, which is open for all Bridge Scholarship holders. Those who achieved the highest academic results, will be awarded a scholarship for the second year of studies.

The winners will receive an annual scholarship of PLN 5.000, which will be paid out in 10 monthly instalments of PLN 500. However, they will have the right to receive the scholarship only in  winter semester of the academic year,  for which it was granted. The condition for payment of the scholarship in the summer semester , is sending  to  EEF (no later than March 10 of the academic year, for which a scholarship was granted) a certificate from the dean’s office confirming the  completion of the winter semester. (More information can be found in the Regulations)

In the past eleven editions of the contest 3,167 scholarships were awarded. All were funded by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.

  • I edition- 102 grants
  • II edition – 336 grants
  • III edition – 312 grants
  • IV edition – 314 grants
  • V edition –  278 grants
  • VI edition – 366 grants
  • VII edition – 358 grants
  • VIII edition – 316 grants
  • IX edition – 259 grants
  • X edition – 265 grants
  • XI edition- 261 grants