Corporate scholarships

Corporate Scholarships are the third stage of Bridge Scholarship System. They are targeted at Bridge Scholarship grant holders, third and fourth year students enrolled in particular type of studies (one or two-cycle master’s studies at Polish higher education institutions with master’s degree authorization)

Being in  the third and fourth year of studies  you can apply for corporate scholarships that are awarded to students of selected faculties (major). Scholarships are awarded on the basis of competitions, in which students, with the highest GPA  from all the current courses of studies,are selected. Every year, within the confines of the corporate scholarships there are several competitions aimed at students of particular  fields of studies.

The benefactors of corporate scholarships are: The Polish – American Freedom Foundation, BRE Bank Foundation, BGŻ Foundation, Orange Foundation and Professor Bronisław Geremek Foundation.

The prize in each of the competitions is the annual scholarship of PLN 5,000, which is payable in 10 monthly instalments of PLN 500.The prize in Professor Bronisław Geremek Foundation’s competition is PLN 10,000.  However, the winners  will be entitled to receive the scholarship only in the winter semester of the academic year for which it was granted. To receive the scholarship also in the summer semester, students have to complete winter semester and submit EEF relevant certificate from university.


During eight editions 804 scholarships were awarded.

  • I edition – 25 grants
  • II edition – 123 grants
  • III edition – 149 grants
  • IV edition – 124 grants
  • V edition 94 grants
  • VI edition – 104 grants
  • VII edition – 90 grants
  • VIII edition – 95 grants