Edyta, PAII intern, in “Dzień Dobry TVN”

Edyta Handzel, Polish-American Internship Initiative participant, was a guest in a Polish breakfast show “Dzień Dobry TVN”.  Edyta explained how she had become an intern at Chevron and shared her experiences regarding working in the company’s headquarters in Houston, TX and visiting U.S.A. The interview was accompanied by a report presenting Edyta’s everyday life during the internship. The viewers could see Edyta at work, presenting her project’s progress to her supervisors, visiting a drilling site as well as in her free time – sightseeing or practicing yoga in a park. You can watch the video under the following link (in Polish language only): http://dziendobry.tvn.pl/wideo,2064,n/na-staz-do-ameryki,102968.html