X edition of the Bridge Scholarship Program

The Educational Enterprise Foundation together with the  Polish-American Freedom Foundation (PAFF), National Bank of Poland  (NBP),PZU Foundation, BRE Bank Foundation, Jan Kanty Steczkowski Foundation, Academy of Training and Competence, Rural Development Foundation in cooperation with Agricultural Property Agency and the coalition of local non-governmental organizations


X edition  of the Bridge Scholarship Program

In the academic year 2011/2012, scholarships in the amount of PLN 500  per month are waiting for you, which will be paid for 10 months.

This program is for you if you fulfill the following conditions:

• you are capable, ambitious and want to pursue  education at  university,
• you will achieve excellent score at your high school finals in this school year (scholarships are awarded on  competitive basis-secondary school certificate)
• you are admitted to the stationary (full-time) masters degree studies  in Polish public schools, realized in one or two-tier mode.
• live in the rural area or  town up to 20 thousand citizens
• your family income per capita does not exceed PLN 970 net, or PLN 1109 net  when a family member is a child holding  the official statement assessing disability,


• come from a family of the former state-owned farm worker – segment IA, or
• you are / were a participant of the III stage of  subject olympiads  in upper-secondary  school –  segment IB, or
• you are / were  a ward of  a foster family  or care and educational institution ( state children’s home) – segment IC, or
• you have a recommendation of a local NGO – Segment I

The list of necessary documents to apply for a scholarship, and contacts to  local branches of the Agricultural Property Agency and local organizations, in which applications must be submitted are in the respective segments.

Applications for scholarships must be submitted on-line. Forms will be active from July 1, 2011.
Deadline for submitting applications on-line is  August 16,  2011.

 The Program is managed by the Educational Enterprise Foundation.

The Author and Founder of the Program:
Polish-American Freedom Foundation 

Program Partners:
• National Bank of Poland  (NBP),
• PZU Foundation,
• BRE Bank Foundation,
• Jan Kanty  Steczkowski Foundation,
• Academy of Training and Competence
• Rural Development Foundation,
• Coalition of local non-governmental organizations recommended by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy  in Poland , Stefan Batory Foundation,  local organizations  and informal groups selected to participate in the Program through  of the Diploma of Dreams contest.

The Program is under the auspices of:  Rzeczpospolita Daily.

The media patrons are:
Academic Forum